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Unforeseen Rise of the Long-Hauler Rehab Clinic Is Imminent

Covid-19 is an illness that doesn’t leave everyone free of symptoms after treatment and discharge from the hospital. Some suffer a second covid infection after what was thought to be an effective treatment regime.

Dallas UT Southwestern Paints an Ugly Picture for Covid Projections

UT Southwestern Covid-19 projections indicated cases are likely to get worse unless we improve vaccination rates and employ basic mitigation strategies.

Blocking Airflow During a Pandemic Helps the Covid Virus Spread. Open Your Windows

We need to open our windows to reduce the transmission of Covid-19 in our buildings and classrooms. Fresh air helps remove viral particles from our environment.

The Complete A to Z of Long Haul Covid Symptoms. What you Need to Know

A complete list of symptoms for Long Haul Covid or Chronic Covid Syndrome. Educate yourself about the symptoms and seek help from qualified healthcare professionals