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Kids in School Shootings Carry the Scars for Life

Search Medium Write 20 Gil Bashe BeingWell Published in BeingWell Dr. Patricia Farrell Dr. Patricia Farrell Mar 28 · 4 min read · Member-only · Listen Kids in School Shootings Carry the Scars for Life School shootings are no longer unheard of. They are becoming part of the American landscape in towns all across the country. How are they affecting our future generations?

Working in Healthcare During COVID-19? Tips for Reducing Burnout and Overwhelm

Healthcare professionals during the pandemic are in the most challenging and riskiest jobs in these times. Frontline workers provide essential services to help patients and clients remain healthy while trying to stay well themselves.

Does Being Male Increase the Risk of Dying From COVID-19?

Based on a paper that studied over a million individuals, males are at a higher risk of severe disease and death from COVID-19.

Stop Making Excuses. Prioritize People!

Telemedicine and EMR Interoperability – Two Patient-Centered Tech Advances – Can Help Us Overcome Fragmentation in the Health Ecosystem, but Only if We Have the Will to Make Them Work