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Covid and Your Brain. How the SARS CoV2 Virus Can Affect the Brain

Chronic mental after effects of a covid infection are a very real danger for many who've developed serious Covid symptoms. More study is urgently

The Diversion of Drugs Within Healthcare Needs to be Addressed

The Protenus Drug Diversion Digest found that over half of diversion incidents took place in a hospital, medical center, or physician practice setting

Medika Welcomes Fiona O’Leary to Our Editorial Team

Medika is thrilled to announce that Fiona O'Leary has joined our team. Fiona is best known for years of medical activism in the fields of autism and quackery.

Texas’s New Abortion Law Endangers Women and Science

Texas Governor Greg Abbott seems determined to deny women the right to proper health care by banning abortion when the fetus is older than six weeks