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The Wearables Expert ™ Interviews Erik Gerritson

Episode 2. João Bocas - The Wearables Expert ™ Interviews Erik Gerritsen, Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport of the Netherlands

“Investigational” Is Payer Code for “Coverage Denied”

Outside the pandemic, “investigational” remains payer code for denying reimbursement. In the case of treatment for chronic conditions, even FDA-approved digital-health and connected devices languish on waitlists for formulary inclusion.

Kratom, the Undiluted Truth. Is it a Dangerous Drug or a Godsend?

There are two sides to Kratom and two distinct views of it in the public’s mind. Kratom users see the drug as a lifesaver. Some of them consume it for pain, others, as a means to wean themselves off opioids

Monoclonal Antibody Infusions. The Plan B Emergency Contraception for Covid?

Monoclonal antibody infusions for Covid-19 suffer from one major flaw and it doesn't revolve around efficacy, but the speed of treatment