Say No to These Cancer Remedies

WHILE SOME COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES PROVIDE VALUE for those with cancer, others don’t work.

On the Origin of Covid. With Apologies to Darwin

Where did the SARS-COV-2 virus originate? Was it artificial and unintentionally escaped its laboratory confines? Was it released intentionally?

Theranos’ Biggest Crime is Casting Doubt on Consumer Diagnostics

One casualty of the Theranos scandal is that the idea of convenient, more accessible, diagnostic blood tests. We need great, consumer-focused, diagnostic care that lead to definitive answers around patients’ risk of disease and the ability to stay on top of chronic conditions.

In the Face of Horror, Hope is a Vital Mental Health Resource

Israel and Hamas are close geographically and worlds apart in mindset—the role of hope and hate in setting national priorities and determining purpose.