On the Origin of Covid. With Apologies to Darwin

Where did the SARS-COV-2 virus originate? Was it artificial and unintentionally escaped its laboratory confines? Was it released intentionally?

Exclusive Medika Conversation with HIMSS Top Leadership – Inside Scoop on Key 2024 Priorities

HIMSS - World's top health IT society takes on pressing policy and patient care issues - AI, cybersecurity, info democratization and more are on the agenda!

Patients Divided Over Alzheimer’s Drug: Is It a ‘Risk I’m Willing to Take’ or Just a ‘Magic Pill’?

If you listen to the nation’s largest Alzheimer’s disease advocacy organizations, you might think everyone living with Alzheimer’s wants unfettered access to Aduhelm, a...

We All Have Pain

Living with Chronic pain for a long time can make it seem normal. You don't need to carry the burden alone. Talking to those around you and sharing your emotions will help you cope