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Does CBD Affect Your Cognition?

VE SOME NEWS FOR you regarding brain health: Driving ability and cognition are not affected by cannabidiol (CBD), even at very high doses.

Homelessness Among Older People Is on the Rise, Driven by Inflation and the Housing Crunch

The housing affordability crisis, driven in part by the covid-19 pandemic, and high inflation are chipping away at fixed incomes. Although data is limited, advocates for seniors and people who are homeless say greater numbers of adults are showing up at shelters across the country.

The Elderly, the Disabled, and Others Are Prisoners of Brutal, Inadequate Walkers

Walkers are a staple of life and independence until it is time to use them to get off sidewalks or go up and down stairs. Here they fail miserably.

Dr. Sam Shah on the Digital Healthcare Equation

Read more about Sam Shah's experiences with digital health and technology in his day-to-day practice. Part of the Digital Healthcare Equation Series