Mental Health




If Deaths of Small Children Do Not Move Us to Action What Will?

Weapons of war, such as AR-15s, have no place in people’s home arsenals. Its bullet's caliber rips its target apart – going in small and exiting like the size of a fist.

“Self-Care” – Wisdom Discovered Among the Papers of a Beloved Parent

If the concept of self-care were broadened to include devoting my energy to attend to all my needs, wants, thoughts and feelings, the either/or dilemma might recede.

“Cognitive Liberty” May Be Imperiled in a World of AI Intrusion

We have many options with computer programming, especially with artificial intelligence, but we have to be careful about what it produces, and there are serious concerns here.

Paying a High Cost in Personal Health for Politics

Lives depend on political decisions, and we are all emotionally involved in politics, whether directly or via the media. What is the cost to us?