Ivermectin is NOT Hydroxychloroquine. Why is the FDA Ignoring a Potential Covid Treatment?

Ivermectin has shown promise as a potential treatment. It needs to be urgently evaluated under the guidance of the FDA

Is Your Covid Test Being Used to Covertly Harvest Your DNA?

Business and government want your genetic data. They will ensure they get hold of it, one way or another, either in collusion with each other or independently.

COVID Has Not Driven Away All Of My Empathy

I've always feared a loss of compassion, especially after the Covid scourge. A recent patient experience showed me otherwise, and I am eternally grateful.

7 Million Americans With Weak Immune Systems Need to Know if They Need a 3rd COVID Shot

Millions of immunocompromised people want to know if they need a 3rd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to build an antibody response to provide effective immunity.