Tackling Night Shift Worker Health Perils; Failure to Act Is Unhealthy

Shift work, in some professions, is unavoidable, but it also comes with mental and physical health issues, and workers need to begin to practice self-care to counteract these problems.

Back pain as a symptom of Heart Attack

Back pain relating to a heart attack is called referred pain. It is diffuse and the source of the pain is difficult to pinpoint. More women experience this symptom

Rethinking Blood Pressure

IS YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE NORMAL? Are you sure? Researchers are moving the bar on what constitutes an “ideal” blood pressure. Today we explore a study suggesting...

Xanthelasmas, a Side Effect of High Cholesterol Levels

Xanthelasmas result from fatty deposits that build up around your eye. It can occur in people of all ages, but most often occurs in middle-aged and older adults