Why Are We Still Doing Travel Bans?

Sorry, the COVID variant you’re looking for took the same flight last week.

What happened to “follow the science”?

The Omicron variant is circling the globe already. Almost as soon as it was announced governments enacted international bans on travel to try and curb the spread. This makes little sense as previous attempts to contain and or eliminate the virus have been abject failures, and there is even less willpower to carry on with these types of measures now that vaccines are here and widely available.

The past two years have heard an almost constant refrain of “follow the science” and we’ll get out of this, but where is the science on banning travel?

The WHO is clearly against closing borders based on the available evidence.

Travel bans at this stage of the pandemic, where there is vast inequity of vaccine availability from rich to poor countries, little appetite for restrictions in much of the developed world where vaccine access is ubiquitous, and research showing massive disruption to lives and livelihood caused by travel bans (with little or no benefit in reducing the spread of the virus) just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Unless you’re a politician.

If you’re a politician in the West signing off on travel bans, you are a BOLD person of ACTION. Taking the hard but necessary steps to keep your constituents safe by banning travel from scary places.

More bullshit safety theater to make the West feel good while imposing do-nothing restrictions that will crush the lives and livelihoods of people half a world away we’re too cheap and short-sighted to offer meaningful help. Like actually getting shots in arms in Africa instead of coddling ourselves with booster shots.

The things that work to limit the spread remain unchanged:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Wear a mask indoors (fit it properly over nose and mouth)
  3. Social distancing
Updated on June 15, 2024 5:43 pm
Updated on June 15, 2024 5:43 pm
Updated on June 15, 2024 5:43 pm
The article lives hereWhy Are We Still Doing Travel Bans?
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