Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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Immunity Passports Are the Worst Idea to Come Out of the Pandemic

Immunity Passports reflecting our vaccine status for the Covid Vaccine are on the tips of everyone's tongue. Are these passports increasing inequality

Identifying SARS-CoV-2 Virions Resistant to Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

Monoclonal antibodies were first used in humans in the 1980s². They have gradually become more prevalent with Regeneron, producing and selling this treatment for those with severe COVID-19

COVID B.1.1.7 - How Widespread Is It in the U.S. and How Worried Should We Be?

According to the CDC report, by March, and possibly sooner, this new variant will surpass the original virus as the leading cause of Covid-19 in the U.S.

Vaccine Refusal Will End When Businesses Start Telling People No

Will big business determine a future filled with immunity passports and enforced vaccination? Will the public accept these passports

Who is at Increased Risk From Covid-19?

New information emerges daily on groups at risk from serious Covid-19 complications. Check your risk from Covid-19 against the latest data.

Never-Before-Seen COVID-19 Data Report Released by HHS

HHS has just released the "COVID Community Profile Report," a daily updated snapshot of how COVID-19 is affecting our states and communities

Vaccines need to Distance Themselves from Covid. It is Imperative.

An objective look at the rushed Covid vaccines. Do they in fact pose risk to our health? We need more time and more stringent trials to arrive at a definitive answer based in science..

How America Lost Interest in Covid Amidst a Pandemic

What Google can teach us about hw Americans view the Coronavirus and what Healthcare officials need to do to reach people

Can the COVID19 Virus Alter Our DNA?

Can viruses alter our very genetic code, effectively hijacking and hiding in our cells for generations and how does this affect the health of future generations? Could viruses be mutating us, cell by cell?

Most Babies Born to Covid-19 Moms Do Well

The new data shows that babies born to women with Covid-19 demonstrate no increase in low birth weight, difficulty breathing, apnea, or respiratory infections through the first eight weeks of life.

No, Mr. President, We Doctors Are Not Faking Covid Deaths

I have signed dozens of death certificates after patients died of Covid-19, and I have also signed death certificates of patients who did not have Covid. Never — not even once — did I think about putting down Covid-19 as a cause of death

The “Second Wave” Is MUCH MUCH Worse

This is an unmitigated disaster, and our current national leadership has gone AWOL. Cases are rising. People are suffering. People are dying.