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Vitaccess is Reshaping Digital Health in the U.K.

Medika has identified Vitaccess for our Healthcare Innovation watch list. This UK based Digital Startup offers innovative and exciting approaches to data management that directly benefit patient outcomes.

“Investigational” Is Payer Code for “Coverage Denied”

Outside the pandemic, “investigational” remains payer code for denying reimbursement. In the case of treatment for chronic conditions, even FDA-approved digital-health and connected devices languish on waitlists for formulary inclusion.

Four Ways COVID has Changed Health Tech

Like most tech lovers, I’m excited about the upcoming CES conference.  I won’t be attending in person but will be watching it very closely...

Jeff Livingston, MD, on the Digital Healthcare Equation

Read more about Jeff Livingston's experiences with digital health and technology in his day to day practice. Part of the Digital Healthcare Equation Series