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Four Ways COVID has Changed Health Tech

Like most tech lovers, I’m excited about the upcoming CES conference.  I won’t be attending in person but will be watching it very closely...

Zero-Contact Medical Station for Safe and Rapid PCR Covid-19 Testing

Zero Contact Rapid PCR Testing. The biggest risk of infection for medical staff is during intubation, nasal swabbing, and personal protective equipment (PPE) removal

The Journey from Analog Patient to Virtual Health Consumer

Provider behavior must follow patient-consumer behavior. Health systems and physicians that are slow to adopt could find themselves quickly falling behind in the healthcare marketplace in the years to come.

When It Comes to Medicine – The Smartest Person in the Room Is the Patient!

Move over chatbots! It’s time to recognize that the smartest person in the room may not be the robot, rather patient experience creating a new type of dialogue through conversational AI. Conversational AI is a cutting-edge form of artificial intelligence enabling consumers to interact with computer applications the way they would with other humans.