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Dr. Sam Shah on the Digital Healthcare Equation

The Digital Healthcare Equation is a Medika Life Initiative to facilitate better digital solutioons for healthcare

About the Author

 Sam Shah is Founder and Director of the Faculty of Future Health with Ulster University, where his interests span digital health, clinical leadership, and public health. Sam is a digital health technology advisor to a number of healthcare and technology companies, spanning a range of industries including telecommunications, assessment of apps, scaling new technology into the NHS, and workforce solutions. Sam was previously Director of Digital Development for NHS England and NHSX, where he was responsible for digital development of the ecosystem and leading on a number of national transformation programs.

Sam has worked on a number of initiatives including the flagship project to digitize urgent care in the NHS. Sam headed up the national learning and development program for NHS England, which considered different channels to access healthcare using technology. He has also been involved in the assessment of healthcare technology through a number of grant schemes and accelerator programs. Sam continues to work in the NHS within primary care and champions a range of agendas including improving diversity within the workforce; and reducing health inequalities.

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