Digital Health Interviews with Alex Koshykov

Digital Health Interviews: Levi Shapiro & Ellie Hanson – Digital Health in Israel

Digital Health Interviews: Levi Shapiro and Ellie Hanson on Digital Health in Israel

This new episode of Digital Health, hosted by Ukrainian health innovation leader Alex Koshykov, focuses on the topic of digital health in Israel. Guests are mHealth Israel Founder Levi Shapiro and FINN Partners Partner Ellie Hanson. Together, they discuss the current situation in the digital health market in Israel, how government helps startups in their early stages, and what are the main differences between American and Israeli health systems.

Ellie provides a short intro to a marketing strategy for digital health startups while Levi gave lots of useful tips for startup founders.


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Alex Koshykov
Alex Koshykov
Chief Operating Office of BeKey Inc. Host of Digital Health Interviews Product Strategist at BeKey Startup Hub #digitalheatlh | #softwaredevelopment | #hardwaredevelopment | #medtech

Alex Koshykov

Host of the Digital Health YouTube Channel BeKey


Alex Koshykov (COO of Bekey Inc.) has more than 10 years of experience in product and project management, passionate about startups and building an ecosystem for them to succeed. Alex resides in the Ukraine and works with digital health leaders worldwide.





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