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Chief Operating Office of BeKey Inc. Host of Digital Health Interviews Product Strategist at BeKey Startup Hub #digitalheatlh | #softwaredevelopment | #hardwaredevelopment | #medtech
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This new episode of Digital Health, hosted by Ukrainian health innovation leader Alex Koshykov, focuses on the topic of digital health in Israel.

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Bianca Rose Phillips is a strategist, educator, lawyer, and advocate. Based in Melbourne, Australia, she brings a global view to the future of digital health as a philosopher working on the boundaries of human and machine exploration in fields of medicine, science and digital health. Bianca Rose is an author – Ranked by Medika.Life as […]

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Alex Koshykov, chief operating officer, at Ukrainian headquartered BeKey_Inc., speaks with Medika.Life editor-in-chief Gil Bashe on the impact tech giants and small digital health startups will play on health-system improvements and the pathway for Artificial Intelligence to overcome hospital integration challenges. Alex interviewed Gil in November 2021. Three months later, he is taking shelter in […]

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