Mental Health




Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, I Hate You and the Way I Look!

Mirrors mostly don’t lie unless you buy a bad one, but even then they reflect an image that makes some people cringe and become depressed.

Groundbreaking Study Reveals Single LSD Dose Offers Instant and Sustained Anxiety Relief

After yielding promising results in a clinical trial, an LSD formulation aimed at treating generalized anxiety disorder has been awarded Breakthrough Therapy status by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Added Sugars: A Masterclass

It’s January, and there’s a solid chance “eat better” is on your list of goals and resolutions. If you’ve turned to the internet for...

Tackling Night Shift Worker Health Perils; Failure to Act Is Unhealthy

Shift work, in some professions, is unavoidable, but it also comes with mental and physical health issues, and workers need to begin to practice self-care to counteract these problems.