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Why Polly Tommey Poses a Threat to Your Health and Your Children

Polly Tommey is a walking, talking propaganda machine for the anti-vax groups. Her lies and deceptive marketing pose a serious threat to public health. A convert of Andrew Wakefiled, she

New Survey Reveals 6 in 10 Parents in Favor of Covid Vaccine for Their Child

Find out how American parents feel about having their children vaccinated against Covid. Opinions are influenced by political, racial and ethnic differences.

What You Say on TeleHealth Doesn’t Stay on Telehealth. How Patient Data is Under Threat

If you use a Telehealth platform your data is being stored and may be sold for commercial gain to the highest bidder. The safety of Patient Data is

How Long Does SARS CoV-2 Survive on Human Skin?

Frequent hand washing is absolutely essential when it comes to ways that we can reduce the spread of Covid-19. The question is, why is it so important?