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Opioids. Everything you need to know about America’s Most Lethal Drugs

Opioid overdoses related to illegally manufactured fentanyl (the most powerful of the opioids) represented the greatest contribution to the increasing numbers

The Medika Life 50 – The Most Influential Voices in Healthcare for 2022

Medika Life 50 Top Healthcare Voices of Influence for 2022. Engage with leading voices, amplify their reach and expand your network.

Andrew Wakefield, the ultimate medical con on Medika’s Quack Scale

Andrew Wakefield is the greatest medical fraud of our generation. Guilty of malpractice, misleading the public, lying, falsifying data, and causing vaccine

Unique Global Symposium Suggests Vital Shifts in Cancer Treatment

More than 30 preeminent experts to present virtually; vast degree of structural disease change, high speed of cancer evolution, rarely considered until now