FDA Approval of New Drug for Alzheimer’s Offers Hope

The FDA approves Aduhelm for the treatment of early Alzheimer's disease. Aduhelm targets brain plaque formation to slow the rate of cognitive decline.

Oxycodone No Better in Treating Post-Orthopedic Surgical Pain

The opioid crisis has taken the lives of thousands of people in our country. In fact, according to the CDC, opioid overdose deaths hit...

Does Pharma Need Independent DNA Oversight?

Our survival as a species could be placed in jeopardy if we don't begin to police treatments that place our DNA in harms way. Oversight is needed.

Three Ways I Drop Stress in the Omicron Era – A Doctor’s Approach

THE LAST CHAPTER OF THE COVID-19 pandemic era, many of us hoped. Now, as many of you are, I am uncertain. Stress abounds, and in...