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Uninsured Children; Time for Us to Help Kids Get Access to High-Quality Healthcare

Many US children qualify for high-quality healthcare through the Medicaid and CHIP programs. Here, we show families how to apply to these programs.

Dr. Sam Shah on the Digital Healthcare Equation

Read more about Sam Shah's experiences with digital health and technology in his day-to-day practice. Part of the Digital Healthcare Equation Series

Why Your Health Startup is Struggling to Gain Traction Online

Simplifying your pitch to your customer involves identifying key elements of your product or service and displaying these prominently in your marketing. Sound simple?

FINN Adds Medika Life to its Omni-Channel Communications Platform

FINN Partners adds Medika Life to it's Omni-Channel Health Platform, Gill Bashe to assume role of Editor in Chief as Medika strives to continue it founding goals.