Book Review. Making the Digital Health Revolution

A new book by Bianca Rose Phillips

Full Title: Making the Digital Health Revolution: Structural Elements & Logical Methods 

Author: Bianca Rose Phillips LLB, BComm, GradDipLP, LLM, Lawyer & Officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria. Bianca Rose Phillips is a global digital health law theorist, a lawyer, and the founder of a Digital Health Think Tank.

Editorial: Jack Murtha and Tom Castles

Publication Date: September 2021

No revolution exists and develops in a vacuum. Change within an industry is driven by complex and diverse relationships and to truly grasp long-term implications, an understanding of these factors is essential. One oft-ignored factor is the impact of law on the healthcare and digital sectors. Making the Digital Health Revolution seeks to address this topic to provide a broader understanding of current and future trends within the digital health sector.

Meet the Author

Bianca Rose Phillips is a global digital health law theorist, a lawyer, and the founder of a Digital Health Think Tank. Her work explores the role of law, philosophy, and ethics (digital health law) in the making of The Digital Health Revolution. Her vision is to help build a world where telemedicine enables access to healthcare no matter where you live, where the mainstream use of wearables predicts disease before human suffering, and the use of personalized medicine improves health outcomes.

She is considered a leading thinker on the future of digital health and the law, recognized globally for her thought leadership in the field. Her ideas attract the biggest minds and companies in digital health. Her works include The Digital Health Revolution: Structural Elements & Logical Methods, The Eight Pillars of the Digital Health Revolution, and The Digital Health School of Thought. These works explore the processes, pillars, and methods upon which digital health laws and societies are built, constrained, transformed, and revolutionized.

Bianca is also a speaker. Recent events: panelist at SingularityU Australia Summit (topic – IT and wellness). Speaker at the VOH Summit at Harvard Medical School, USA, and faculty at the Summit Bootcamp (topic – data ownership). Project Voice AI in Chattanooga TN USA (topic – AI & lawmaking). In addition to her work supporting digital health innovations, Bianca conducts research and hosts events on how we can use technology to advance healthcare equality. In 2020 Bianca launched her series ‘Voice for Equality, with Amazon being the event sponsor of her January 2021 event.

She holds a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce, Graduate Diploma of Professional Legal Practice, Master of Laws (Medical Law & Telemedicine). She is admitted as a Lawyer & Officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria. She is also a Juris Doctor Lecturer.

Bianca was selected as ‘One of Fifty of the Most Influential Voices in Healthcare for 2021‘ by Medika Life, sharing the list with healthcare leaders such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Eric Topol, Gil Bashe and John Nosta. She is motivated and inspired by her daughters to explore the future of law, society & humanity.

We chatted to Bianca, asking her first why she had chosen to write on this specific topic.

My latest work focuses on revolutions and the role of law in making them. The challenge was to select a case study to explore hard questions on the legal process of revolutions. Read chapter 1 and you will see why digital health was selected. At this moment, the field is one of the most exciting and trying arenas for human discovery and innovation. If we allow it to grow, digital health will challenge and change humanity and evolve humankind. The 22nd-century history books will likely judge our success or failure.

Could you elaborate on the relationship law currently enjoys within this sector?

The reality is that the legal mechanisms underlying the digital health revolution have yet to be critically explored. Through a historical review and case study, this book aims to examine those mechanisms and contribute to our societal knowledge on digital health and revolutions.

Who is your target audience?

Making the Digital Health Revolution is for those with a desire to discover more about healthcare revolutions and to understand the role of law and legal philosophy in making them.

Text Extracts

Content Overview

  • Preface
  • Ch 1 Digital Health as a Case Study of Revolutions 
  • Ch 2 What Makes a Revolution?
  • Ch 3 General Theories on Structure & Logic in Law Making
  • Ch 4 Specific Theories: Pillars of Digital Health Law Making
  • Ch 5 Specific Theories: Structure & Logic in Digital Health Law Making.
  • Guest Writer Contributions by eleven thought leaders.
  • Endnotes

Publication Format

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