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Interesting Findings Of Weekend Only Drinking

In their provocative recent report, researchers observe that “a significant amount of binge drinking among adults escapes public health scrutiny” because it occurs among people who drink at a moderate average level.

Fasting May Fight Cancer

GOT CANCER? A FASTING-MIMICKING diet may lead to positive changes in your metabolism and immune system. A new study from Milan (Italy) suggests that a severe calorie-restriction...

Test Anxiety and Poor Sleep is a Vicious Cycle for College Students

New research from the University of Kansas in Lawrence analyzes the vicious cycle between test anxiety and poor sleep in college students.

The Data Are In: Steroids Should Be Standard Of Care For COVID-19

Multiple studies were published in JAMA with respect to steroids and outcomes in COVID-19. The most important one was a meta-analysis, which is a study of multiple randomized trial data