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Our Family Got Vaccinated and Had a Long-Awaited Reunion: It Was Awesome

Our family got vaccinated and finally had a long-awaited reunion. It was so awesome. If this is not a reason to get vaccinated, I don't know what is.

We Have Inadvertently Built Cultural Discrimination Into Our Healthcare Systems

We build and use discriminatory Healthcare Systems. Unintentional by design, these systems propagate inequality in patient care and promote racial disparities.

Sometimes You Need to Say No, for the Patient and Yourself

A frightening midnight phone call leads a young surgeon to reconsider how he approaches his career

Cutting-Edge Innovation Is Not Enough To Save Lives

Yesterday, my 97-year-old physician father-in-law died.  His longevity was the result of great medical advances during the past two decades, rigorous self-care, and vigilant...