Oceans of Blessings. Touch the Life of a Cancer Patient

New Non-Profit launches to lighten the life of cancer patients

Every now and then people surprise us with their ingenuity, their compassion, and their sheer goodness. We love these moments, and this is one of them. Twin sisters Allyson and Jennifer Ocean, have created a feel-good charity that will let you share your love and empathy with a cancer patient. How? With chemical-free skincare and beauty goodies. It’s simple, it’s brilliant and we love it.

About Oceans of Blessings

The idea for Oceans of Blessings came from the Ocean twins — Allyson and Jennifer Ocean, who are passionate about using clean beauty products – i.e., products that do not contain harmful or toxic ingredients. Dr. Allyson Ocean, a leading medical oncologist in New York City at Weill Cornell/NewYork Presbyterian Hospital, is devoted to treating patients with gastrointestinal cancers and also promotes the use of safe skincare and beauty products to patients undergoing treatment for cancer.

Oceans of Blessings was created to provide healthier beauty product alternatives to patients undergoing cancer therapy and to spread the message about the importance of using safe, non-toxic beauty and skincare products every day.

Each of the members of the Board of Directors has been touched by cancer in a profound way — all are either cancer survivors, physicians that treat patients with cancer, or caregivers of loved ones dealing with cancer.

Dr. Allyson Ocean (right) AND Jennifer Ocean. Image courtesy of oceansofblessings.com

Their Mission

To provide healthier skincare and beauty alternatives for patients undergoing cancer treatment by giving a bag filled with safe, non-toxic skincare and beauty products that help address issues faced throughout the cancer journey. Oceans of Blessings will provide education, patient support, and healthier product alternatives to assist with cancer care and prevention.

How you can help

For members of the public visit the website and share your love and a few dollars to show someone with cancer you’re thinking of them. Your donation buys a Blessings Bag. Each Blessings Bag is a beautiful canvas zippered reusable pouch filled with safe, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic skincare and beauty products. The pouch is adorned with the Oceans of Blessings logo.

The Blessings Bag also contains a card with information about our organization that can be personalized if you wish (i.e. the donor’s name can be mentioned or it can be sent anonymously).

You can also follow Oceans of Blessings on Twitter to stay up-to-date with our new favorite non-profit

Partner with Oceans of Blessings

If you’re a cosmetics or skincare company that manufacturers natural/organic skincare, why not reach out to Oceans of Blessings to see your products included in these bags of love.


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