How New Immunity Passports Will Impact the Poor and the Vulnerable

The social impacts of enforced vaccination will be devastating for middle to low-income families, and in some cases, fatal

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Can we afford, a year into a global pandemic, to embark on policies that threaten our social cohesion, public acceptance of Covid vaccines, and that further threaten the wellbeing of large segments of our populations? I am of course referring to enforced Covid-19 vaccinations, by whatever means. Any mechanisms that bring pressure to bear on individuals to force them to accept vaccination.

As the year of the vaccine unfolds more and more of these mechanisms are being touted by states, governments, companies, corporations, and essential service providers to ensure you are vaccinated. Whether you like it or not.

A person can easily see through the rhetoric that is publicly offered for most of the new ‘Vaccine Passport’ policies. The proponents aren’t concerned about the vaccine or your health, most are driven by an overwhelming desire to return to business and usual. They see the vaccine as the tool to ensure this in the shortest space of time, and while the general population waits interminably for vaccines to reach them, the wealthy and those in privileged positions can enjoy a life of near normalcy off the back of their newly acquired ‘Passport to Freedom’.

So you see, it isn’t really about the vaccine at all, merely a desire for profits, business, and freedom, a return to a pre-2020 world, achieved by using the vaccine as an enabling tool. The problem, as far as the vaccine itself is concerned, is that very few people will see it for this or be able to make the distinction.

Cries of enforced engineering and population control are already been bandied about on social media by anti-vaxers and extremist headcases and their ranks are swelling. Already abysmal vaccination refusal rates are about to skyrocket. All thanks to the self-inflicted damage caused by these new policies.

If for argument sake, I don’t trust the vaccine, you just made it appear even less appealing, by a factor of 50. From a personal perspective, I believe the vaccines released in the US and Europe are safe. I won’t speak for Russian (Sputnik) and Chinese (Sinovac) products as I haven’t investigated these and it wouldn’t be fair to comment on them. My gut tells me that one or two of the emerging vaccines will show side effects, not massively, but in sufficient numbers to have them withdrawn.

It’s a commonplace risk with new drugs. Teething problems not ironed out. We are still all good though, as the majority of the vaccines will prove safe and their efficacy in the field will be validated or not, in the coming months. Here is a really useful infographic from the WHO for those who want to know more about the vaccines approved or nearing approval.

The problem now is more and more people do not believe this. Enforced vaccinations and employment or services requiring proof of vaccination merely aggravate this distrust. As I said, there is a fine distinction, which few people can, or are willing, to make.

The process to enable these restrictions and policies is already in motion and I cannot see it being stopped unless global populations come out in arms. The ramifications are serious and will disproportionately impact medium and low-income groups. Severely so.

Let’s examine these impacts before they necessarily unfold in the forlorn hope the message reaches the ears of sympathetic government or regulatory officials somewhere and they take heed.

Before we start it’s important to note that the WHO has officially refused to condone the use of immunity or vaccination passports for conditional travel. They rightly point to a lack of data on viral transmission from inoculated individuals.

My interpretation of measures announced by governments, large corporate chains, and airline firms, to name but a few, in the last few days, is this.

The Billionaires Boys Club

We are allowing for the creation of wealth clubs based solely on our vaccination status. Financially blessed and influential individuals who are able to use their wealth and influence to procure vaccination for themselves and their direct associates, family, and friends. People who view the vaccination priority ranking system as an insult to their status and power and who are unfamiliar with the word queue.

Over the coming months, these individuals will create a world for themselves that is free of risk from Covid, or 95% free. They will enjoy air travel, clubs, dining, and complete freedom of movement. Their businesses will flourish as they step back and watch the rest of humanity split their time between the ever-present specter of death and squabbling desperately for scarce vaccines.

Vaccines will become the new contraband of 2021, sold in bidding wars that will play out in quiet alleyways, the dark web, and on closed Facebook groups.

It would come as no surprise if future investigations into irregularities with vaccine stock held in Washington, for distribution to healthcare and essential personnel, turn up wholesale theft or misappropriation by top officials and those involved in the supply chain. This group of wealthy individuals doesn’t like to be kept waiting.

Keep in mind, that vaccine they just stole out from under your nose was earmarked for your wife working in the ER or your grandmother. They are directly complicit in many of the deaths we will face in the coming weeks and months. Will they ever face prosecution? It’s doubtful.

The problems I have described above aren’t from some imagined scenario. These policies are already being rolled out and many countries are firmly on board. In a statement, the Philippines health secretary this week announced Vaccination Passports, barcoded, that would be issued to each citizen after vaccination.

In a country of 130 million people, they stand no chance of vaccinating the entire population before 2023. Vaccine availability and scant resources will ensure that only the wealthy and privileged are vaccinated, while those in the provinces will be left to their own devices, excluded as they will be, from services, employment, and travel based on these passports.

How this impacts you directly

The financial impact of these policies on the working class will be devastating, particularly in hard-hit countries like America.

How long do think it is going to take for an average working joe, a 25-year-old male or female, with no pre-existing health conditions, to receive the vaccine. A year? Possibly two?

While they wait, they will see their jobs lost to colleagues who have managed to scrape together enough money to ‘buy’ vaccination. They will not get to see their dying parent, ten states away, as no domestic flights will allow them to board a plane without proof of vaccination. Many will remain stranded in foreign countries, often without work, while they await vaccination.

Shops will turn them away, restaurants will refuse them access and banks and insurance companies will start calling in loans and refusing life insurance. Health premiums will soar. They may very well find their right to travel anywhere threatened as Covid figures continue to climb in the coming months. Public safety will be cited for these draconian measures.

In sheer desperation they will eventually purchase a vaccine on the black market, probably toxic or fake or both, or turn to fake vaccination documents, an industry rapidly setting up shop as I write this. They may even lose their apartment because of the risk they pose to other vaccinated tenants or be refused an apartment based on their vaccination status. It may even be state-based social welfare systems that enforce this policy.

It’s been a crazy few years and nothing is discounted in the American playbook. Nothing.

That is the bleak future that awaits normal working-class Americans if enforced vaccination and access to services and employment is made vaccine-conditional. It is a very real future currently unfolding right under our noses and not to speak up, not to highlight these dangers, is irresponsible, immoral, and short-sighted.

It isn’t about taking issue with a vaccine. It is about fundamental human rights and our desire to protect our fellow humans, not add to their burdens. Particularly those segments of our population that cannot speak up for themselves, the disadvantaged and the poor. They will be adverse3ly affected.

The issue of personal choice is also obviously an integral and important part of this discussion. By removing our freedom of choice societies set a dangerous precedent. It speaks to a breach of trust in those we have elected and the corporations we support.

Freedoms matter and you are watching yours being eroded, possibly permanently.

Do get vaccinated when the opportunity presents itself. It is sensible, it is for your health and your community’s benefit, and the fact the wealthy are lining up for the vaccine is proof it’s safe and won’t make you grow a tail. Not a long one anyway.

Updated on June 21, 2024 4:33 pm
Updated on June 21, 2024 4:33 pm
Updated on June 21, 2024 4:33 pm
The article lives hereHow New Immunity Passports Will Impact the Poor and the Vulnerable
Robert Turner, Founding Editor
Robert Turner, Founding Editor
Robert is a Founder of Medika Life. He is a published author and owner of MedKoin Healthcare Solutions. He lives between the Philippines and the UK. and is an outspoken advocate for human rights. Access to basic healthcare and eradicating racial and gender bias in medicine are key motivators behind the Medika website and reflect Robert's passion for accessible medical care globally.

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