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Top 10 Drivers for 2021 Health Innovation

What will drive Health Innovation in 2021? Do you agree with this Top 10 list of the Health drivers I've identified? Digital health plays a huge part.

The Power of Lifestyle Choices – The Dose of Truth in “Heal Thyself”

“You need to lose weight.”   Doctors say that to patients every day.  What they don’t do is tell patients how to do it.  That’s...

Reflecting on the Native Americans’ Vaccination Success

With ethnic minorities still lagging in vaccinations in the US, examples, and lessons from Native Americans efforts to vaccinate their communities should be learned from

Follow The Money in Healthcare – It Will Lead You to Chronic Diseases

Chronic disease is transforming health, medical costs and the delivery of care. Diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, emphysema, and cancer are chronic. Once developed, they usually last a lifetime, are challenging to manage and are expensive to treat.