Dear “Digital Health Leaders And Healthcare Leaders,” You May Be Inadvertently Hurting Patients

Your end-users are ultimately patients, no matter who uses your product. A healthcare professional makes a direct request to the digital health sector

The Defining Dance Between Empathy and GenAI in Health

Used wisely and to its fullest (positive) potential, augmented intelligence can extend the empathy quotient, making the wise healer more expansive. AI can unlock...

Ironhand 2.0 – The new version of award-winning exoskeleton glove

Medtech company Bioservo Technologies is releasing an updated version of the groundbreaking exoskeleton glove – Ironhand® 2.0

The Nation’s Only Virtual At-Home Detox Programs from Workit Health Expands

Workit Health now offers the nation’s only virtual at-home detox programs for alcohol. The program includes daily video check-ins with a medical care team and prescribed medication to safely detox at home