Saturday, October 24, 2020
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A Laypersons Guide to Building Better Babies

While it is true that many women in their thirties and even into their forties have healthy pregnancies and babies, the fact remains that many struggle to conceive after the age of thirty

How Best to Protect Your Unborn Child against Whooping Cough and Influenza

Both influenza and Tdap vaccines reduce the risk to pregnant women protect babies who are too young to get vaccinated. These vaccines transfer antibodies through the placenta from the mom to baby

Better Care is Needed for Postpartum Depression

A nurse She was a nurse. I worked with her daily. She...

Celebrating New Life During the Pandemic

Will my partner be with me when I go into labor? Nervous patients...

The Placenta Protects Babies From Covid-19; Here’s How

Can a mother pass Covid-19 on to her baby? Pregnant women are scared of Covid-19, and so are the medical providers who care for them

Egg Freezing Fights Fertility’s Biological Clock

No one should tell a woman when or if she should have a baby. That decision is up to her, but she needs to know all her options before it is too late

Miscarriage and Early Pregnancy Loss; What Women Need to Know

A miscarriage goes by many names chemical pregnancy, early pregnancy loss, miscarriage, or spontaneous abortion. Regardless of what we call it, women feel a profound loss and want answers.

Telogen Effluvium, Hair Loss in Pregnancy and Postpartum

During the natural course of your life your hair falls out at a rate of around 100 hairs a day. This occurs over the space of the 24 hours and you'll notice these stray hairs in your bath tub

5 Prenatal Yoga Poses To Stop Pregnancy Aches and Pains

Prenatal Yoga improves fitness, strengthens muscles, and increases flexibility to improve the discomforts of pregnancy. Prenatal yoga alleviates some of the pregnancy pains and also relaxes the mind.

Pregnancy FAQs for the Covid-19 Pandemic

Pregnant women are scared about coronavirus. Let’s take a step back and review the basic information everyone should know.

At-Home Ultrasounds for Pregnant Women Now A Reality

A handheld tele-ultrasound device that enables pregnant women to perform at-home ultrasound scans, and receive feedback from a physician or sonographer

What Pregnant Women Need to Know About Coronavirus

Millions of pregnant women are worried and trying to understand what to do. They want to protect their babies and find out if they are at risk.

Editors Choice

Preeclampsia and Eclampsia in Pregnancy

Preeclampsia and eclampsia are part of the spectrum of high blood pressure, or hypertensive, disorders that can occur during pregnancy.

The truth about Douching

Doctors recommend that you do not douche. Douching can lead to many health problems, including problems getting pregnant. Douching is also linked to vaginal infections and sexually transmitted infections

PPD’s and The Risk of Hair Dye during Pregnancy

The risks pregnant mothers expose both themselves and their unborn child to through the continued use of commercial hair dyes whilst pregnant.