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Paxlovid for Covid-19: Was I Wrong About Rebound Infection?

Today we explore the remarkable drug Paxlovid before turning to a new report suggesting we were wrong. The drug now appears not associated with a higher probability of COVID-19 re-infection.

Rural America – A Generational Struggle for Health Equality

More than 46 million Americans live in rural communities. On average, rural locales lag behind non-rural communities on every measure of prosperity, from poverty rates to employment opportunities.

Taking On Prediabetes Could be America’s Best Defense Against COVID-19

COVID and Diabetes Combined Are Clear and Present Dangers - Here is What we Can Do to Reduce Risk.

Cutting-Edge Innovation Is Not Enough To Save Lives

Yesterday, my 97-year-old physician father-in-law died.  His longevity was the result of great medical advances during the past two decades, rigorous self-care, and vigilant...