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How To Ensure a Superior Patient Experience and Continuum of Care

Every step of the patient journey has a profound impact on the way patients experience their time in your care, from check-in to the day of their discharge.

How Do You Do a Test at Home for COVID-19 and Is BinaxNow Worth the Money?

BinaxNow is a widely available, affordable option for fast and accurate testing at home for Covid-19.

As Eating Disorders Spike During Pandemic, Rural Treatment Options Lag

Erin Reynolds had battled bulimia since childhood, but the weeks before she entered treatment were among her worst. At 22, she was preparing to...

Inadequate or Unqualified Therapy Because of Low Medicaid Reimbursement?

Reimbursement rates shouldn’t determine whether or not someone receives adequate treatment for anything, including mental health therapy. But, too often, rates are so abysmally...