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Physically Fit? My 4 Fitness Pillars

YOU ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THE NUMEROUS health benefits of physical activity. But what does it mean to be physically fit? Here is one definition: Physical fitness is...

Understanding Hormones: the roles of Estrogen and Progesterone

How Estrogen and Progesterone levels affect women. These hormones play a key role in pregnancy and are also present in men.

Trichomoniasis: A Common Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)

While not as common as HPV, chlamydia, and herpes, trichomoniasis affects 174 million people infected around the world each year.

Aspirin. Your Heart’s Best Friend, or Maybe Not

Aspirin is used by over 29 million Americans daily to prevent CVD and Stroke. New advice suggests we may want to rethink our use of the drug