Obesity and Exercise Have Opposite Effects on Muscle and Fat

A NEW STUDY SHEDS LIGHT ON THE PHYSIOLOGICAL RESPONSE TO EXERCISE. Physical activity is an important tool for maintaining or restoring good health.

9 Tips for How to Cope with a Chronic Illness or Disability

If you have a new chronic illness or disability or if you have been dealing with health issues for some time now, it’s never too late to learn coping skills that might help you deal with this major challenge in your life.

Alagille syndrome

Alagille syndrome is a genetic disorder that can affect the liver, heart, and other parts of the body.One of the major features of Alagille syndrome is liver damage caused by abnormalities in the bile ducts.

Health Possibilities We Can’t Afford to Block

Fixing one piece of the healthcare puzzle is encouraging - but is it transformational? Here are 10 things we can consider to make things better.