Sudden Death, “Purebloods,” Myocarditis and more

With apologies to JK Rowling and Hogwarts Alumni

No, it isn’t the title for a new teenage vampire horror fest coming soon to Netflix; these terms relate to you and me and are the product of our post-pandemic world. It’s a world in which people suddenly die (not that we didn’t die before, we tend to do it more frequently now, or do we), where people who remain unvaccinated refer to themselves as purebloods and where perfectly healthy people (all of whom we are assured are vaccinated) suddenly keel over from a stroke or heart attack with no prior warning.

So why are we dropping like flies and why are so many young and otherwise perfectly healthy people suffering conditions that usually affect the aged or overstressed, overweight over 40, business sector? It can only be one of two things. Either it’s the after-effects of Covid, or perhaps it’s the Covid vaccine we’ve been force-fed, or perhaps a two-for-one deal. Covid’s side effects amplified by the vaccine? All good questions that science will provide (hopefully) answers for going forward.

Public opinion is firmly on the side of the vaccines as the root cause. Are they right? That’s what we are going to explore in this article, and if you’ll forgive the tone, it’s a lighter one, albeit mostly serious..

The numbers game

I love the meme below, from Twitter, which pretty accurately reflects the current mood of the masses and who doesn’t need a smile to break the gloom, unless of course you’re one of the unfortunates who were forced into the vaccine through unofficial mandates. Yes, our governments didn’t actually have the balls to come right out and mandate the vaccines, they used pressure from third parties. Want to travel, eat, get medical attention, go to school, find housing, etc. etc. then you’ll need that vaccine. Sorry.

There is little doubt that the vaccines are related to serious adverse events and death and the numbers far exceed any previously acceptable safety levels for a vaccine, by a country mile. Globally, we are probably seeing thousands of vaccine related deaths a day. Before you roll your eyes and reject this hypothesis, remember we’ve vaccinated more than 13,156,047,747 people and that tally climbs daily, according to the WHO Covid dashboard.

That’s more than 13 billion people. Assume 10 thousand deaths a day (a hugely conservative estimate, in my opinion), many of which will fly under the radar and may not be associated with the vaccines – over the course of a year, and you arrive at 3.65 million people. A drop in the ocean in terms of 13 billion. to put it in percentage terms, 1% would represent 131 million people so it is less than 0.03% of that 1%.

In terms of risk for you personally, those numbers amount to 300 adverse reactions for every million shots based on my figures above. For every 3200 shots, someone, somewhere, will die. The current crude birth rate of the world is 16.9 per 1000 population and death rate is 8.8 per 1000 population, so for every 27 people who die per 3200, add on 1 more for the vaccine, or so the figures would suggest.

That sounds absolutely dire and when we look at the reality of these numbers, we wonder why anyone in their right mind would have lined up for the vaccine. [But, remember, in the earlier days of Covid – when we faced the original variant – things look terrifying.] I think what you have just read above, however, requires context. It isn’t as simple as assuming that all deaths post-vaccine are a direct consequence of the vaccine; it is far more nuanced. To form a clear picture of what’s going on we need to understand a few fundamental basics.

Grasping the basics brings the image into focus

Acceptable casualties

There is an important paradox that applies to vaccination (and drug development) that needs to be explained and it’s an unpleasant and harsh reality that applies to medicine. Create a new drug or treatment, and odds are, someone, somewhere will die from it. In many instances, more than one person will die and over the course of a vaccine’s lifetime, many people will be left with severe and permanent side effects, directly ascribed to the vaccine.

This is the cost of doing business with viruses and vaccines are the only currency we currently understand. The risk of the virus versus the risk of the solution. It’s a complex equation to balance, and one that easily tips in favor of the vaccine when we face a really nasty little pathogen, as we assumed in the case of Covid.

There is nothing malicious in this; instead, the complexity of our physiology and our individual medical “uniqueness” is to blame. Medicines cannot be developed to accommodate everyone, and for decades we have accepted these medical casualties as the cost of our attempts to control viruses. Where vaccines prevent disease, reduce transmission, and protect the general population, the cost is considered warranted. In effect, we sanction the loss of life for the group’s safety.

It is these side effects (referred to as SAE’s or adverse events) that have plagued the Covid vaccines remorselessly from day 1.

Separating fact from supposition

Welcome to the world of impossible tasks. To actually prove, beyond any doubt, why a person has suddenly dropped dead from a heart attack or stroke, we need to perform a forensic autopsy to establish the real cause of death. Yes, we know it’s the heart or brain, but why did these organs suddenly, and in the cases of healthy young adults and children, inexplicably, stop working.

There can be two explanations for this: Covid itself or the vaccine. Of course, people tend to look at the vaccines, given their abysmal track records, recorded instances of confirmed injury and death, a list of official SAEs as long as your arm, and the fact that in most instances, those dying have been vaccinated.

Proving this however requires the scientific will and desire to get to the bottom of the huge numbers of excess deaths recorded across the globe. That, and a lot of money, which in theory should be forthcoming from the vaccine manufacturers themselves, but oh, wait. We indemnified them when we defined these products as vaccines, didn’t we?

Where, then, should we turn? Public health-led science cannot help. It is unfortunately as compromised on the vaccine front as the manufacturers, having sold us out early in the pandemic, and asking science to help us validate the consequences of their betrayal, probably isn’t a great selling point. Our only hope rests with politicians. Now before you shake your head in despair and head off to look for a rope, I hope you’ll hear me out.

There is motivation here, political motivation, perhaps of an unprecedented scale. Proving parties guilty of this web of deception and profiteering would end any hopes of reelection for the incumbent politicians who were ensconced in positions of power during the pandemic. In the U.S., the blame rests evenly between Republicans and Democrats. Expose the Covid narrative and you expose the puppeteer. But, U.S. has grown tribal – each party – pointing fingers at the other, rather than rolling up their sleeves to come to an answer.

There is of course another potential explanation for the deaths we are seeing. They could be related to the actual virus. If that is indeed the case, or the main line of thought supported by science, then both industry and the scientific community would be invested up to the hilt in the problem, leaving no stone unturned to prove their science and medicines are not at fault.

Sometimes, not doing anything, is all the evidence one requires to decide where blame lies.

Establishing Covid’s Real Risk

It turns out the SARS-COV2 virus was a bit of a weak link when it comes to “end of world” pathogens. So were we. Unprepared, the planet plunged into chaos in the first few months of the outbreak, fed by a media frenzy warning us of almost certain death and the end of days. The media were, of course, spectacularly wrong and not acting of their own accord, as we’ll discover in the following article. The effects were, however, of the desired nature.

We all cowered in fear, locked away in our homes, waiting for the promised miracle of a vaccine, produced in months and forever immortalized in the Guinness Book of World records. The luxury of time has given us a much clearer picture of the dangers of the virus. The original strain did pose real risks to specific segments of our population. Like viruses do, it rapidly mutated, and Omicron, far more infectious and much less deadly, did in a few months what vaccines had failed to. It eradicated the original strain and rapidly spread a form of immunity and reduced risk throughout communities across the globe.

Omicron was nature’s way of ensuring the virus retained a population to circulate in, trading off its lethalness for infectiousness, and along the way, rendering the vaccines (which we now know were almost hopelessly inadequate) obsolete to all but a handful of people for whom the risk of the vaccine was justified.

The risk/benefit and risk/risk calculation for the mRNA vaccines and the virus’ variant evolution was never considered at any stage of the vaccination campaign. Had it been honestly evaluated, the vaccines would now be ancient history, stockpiled in small quantities for those who needed them. Had more doctors taken the time to research and evaluate the treatments they were offering their patients, far fewer patients would have been encouraged to participate, but doctors did what we did. They trusted the narrative, unlike the purebloods.

Now, lets get the Purebloods!

Not everyone fell for the panic or the panacea of the vaccines. Egged on by conspiracy nuts (some of whom history has vindicated), large groups formed their pandemic narratives, most of which shared one common thread. The vaccines weren’t vaccines (technically accurate) but instead genetic treatments to create a new lizard species, track you while you mow your lawn or sterilize your butt to prevent you from cooking up any more conspiracists. Far-fetched, but intriguing.

Interestingly, recent rumors have emerged from a Pfizer employee suggesting the mRNA vaccines may actually be impacting your ability to procreate. But that’s an as yet unproven allegation and Pfizer, for obvious reasons, is keeping mum and not commenting. The video below, showing an employee that Pfizer has confirmed was working for them, was trending under the hashtag #Pfertility. Gotta love the internet, unless, of course, you’re Albert Bourla.

Video courtesy of Project Veritas (take this with a grain of salt)

So, in the closing months of the pandemic, the global goal of vaccinating everyone had failed, despite the best attempts to inject every person on the planet, often multiple times. Recently, in an effort to further use and deplete the vast stockpiles of vaccines the government finds itself stuck with (no refund policy sadly) children have now become the latest focal point, in a campaign supported with yet more scare press from the media and manufactured and mismanaged medical data.

Purebloods had won, or so they thought.

There is actually no escaping the impacts of the mRNA vaccine. Critical mass has been achieved. In other words, we’ve injected a sufficient number of arms to ensure that, in two generations time, everyone will carry traces of the original Covid vaccines in their system. Your pureblood children, or even you, if you’re so disposed, will comingle with the vaccinated and in the heat of the moment, vaccine status will be the last thing on your mind. Trust me.

Need blood? Well then, you’re in luck, as donors happen to donate on a regular basis. Are they screened for the vaccine? Absolutely not, that would be intrusive and an invasion of their privacy, asking for their vaccine status. What kind of world do you think we live in? Seriously. There is a huge and lucrative opportunity here for an “untainted” blood supplier to step into the market, but you didn’t hear it from me.

What many fail to realize is that the spike protein produced by the mRNA injection is a carbon copy of the virus’s spike protein. Assuming, and we are still waiting for science to step in on this, that this is the root cause for all the issues people have with Covid, then those that weren’t vaccinated but contracted Covid, are in exactly the same boat.

And then, lastly, you need to eat, don’t you. Keep a careful eye on that steak you wolf down every week. The label on your slab of beef will very soon display, in really fine print, advice about your dead cow’s treatment with, can you guess? mRNA will be introduced into your food supply and in many instances, you just wont know. Conspiracy? Perhaps, but we know now how those turn out and lets face it, cows are far less resistant to being jabbed than you are.

The point here is that by hook or crook, purebloods will be eradicated and in our technologically advanced society, we won’t have to resort to anything as crude as garlic, stakes (not the cow), or wizardly spells. The mudbloods are coming.


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Robert Turner, Founding Editor
Robert Turner, Founding Editor
Robert is a Founder of Medika Life. He is a published author and owner of MedKoin Healthcare Solutions. He lives between the Philippines and the UK. and is an outspoken advocate for human rights. Access to basic healthcare and eradicating racial and gender bias in medicine are key motivators behind the Medika website and reflect Robert's passion for accessible medical care globally.
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