Don’t Be Fooled — Not all Fruits and Vegetables are “Dirty.”

I RECENTLY READ ABOUT THE "DIRTY DOZEN," a group of pesticide-containing fruits and vegetables. The Environmental Working Group gives us a "dirty dozen" list of fruits...

How Much Exercise Do You Need to Dodge Heart Problems?

HOW MUCH EXERCISE DO YOU NEED to reduce your chances of avoiding heart problems in your 70s?

Triglycerides and Their Influence on Your Heart Health

High blood triglycerides are high blood levels of a type of fat, or lipid, called triglycerides. Your body makes triglycerides or gets them from the foods you eat.

How Do We Americans Stack up Healthwise? Very Poorly!

Despite all, we spend on healthcare (over 4 trillion dollars or nearly 20% of GDP,) we are not a healthy population. So, how unhealthy are we? Very!