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Meet the Bipartisan Dallas Fort Worth Representatives Pushing Bill for Air Conditioning in Texas Prisons

A bipartisan Democratic and Republican coalition of representatives from the Dallas Fort Worth area is fighting for prison reform. Their bill requiring Texas prisons to install air conditioning in all facilities is making its way through congress.

Tennessee Fires Top Doctor Over Vaccine Policy and She Is Not Holding Back

Dr. Michelle Fiscus, the top vaccine official in Tennessee, was fired for promoting the Covid-19 for teenagers to reduce the risk in schools.

Bob Martineau on How Our Planet’s Wellness Impacts Our Own

Bob Martineau in conversation with Gil Bashe from Finn partners on the impact of the environment on our health and the importance of education and communicating

How To Build An Apothocary

Before we had modern-day pharmacies and pharmacists, we had apothecaries. Apothecary shops sold medication and herbal remedies derived from natural compounds.