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Sisters And Brothers On The Front Lines

An open letter to my sisters and brothers on the front lines: those of us still fighting the good fight against COVID-19.

The Covid Files: A Series Separating Pandemic Fact from Fiction

We've all just experienced a hopefully once-in-a-lifetime event, and if you survived it relatively unscathed, well done. Looking back on the Covid pandemic in...

Is A Nasal Vaccine In Your Future?

RECENT STUDIES SHOW THAT A NASAL SPRAY is more effective in protecting mice against influenza than vaccines injected into the muscle. This is the finding...

Our Family Got Vaccinated and Had a Long-Awaited Reunion: It Was Awesome

Our family got vaccinated and finally had a long-awaited reunion. It was so awesome. If this is not a reason to get vaccinated, I don't know what is.