Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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St. Jude scientists identify possible COVID-19 treatment in the lab

If validated, the discovery by St Jude scientists could offer real tools to deal with hyperinflammatory immune responses, one of the leading causes of death in Covid-19 infections

Hydroxychloroquine Does Not Prevent Infection with SARS CoV-2

A study released today should — once and for all — finally shut the coffin closed on hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19

Parnell Pharmaceuticals Announces Nomovid™ Antiviral Nasal Spray

The first antiviral nasal spray in the United States. Nomovid™ Nasal Spray will be easy-to-use, low-cost and can be quickly made available over-the-counter for consumers.

Is Silmitasertib the Covid-19 Treatment Breakthrough We’ve Been Waiting for?

Within 24 hours of the first dose of Silmitasertib the patient showed significant clinical improvement and the oxygen requirement was weaned to room air. The patient was discharged from the hospital five days after starting Silmitasertib.

The Data Are In: Steroids Should Be Standard Of Care For COVID-19

Multiple studies were published in JAMA with respect to steroids and outcomes in COVID-19. The most important one was a meta-analysis, which is a study of multiple randomized trial data

What Happens If Trump Releases a Vaccine Before Election Day?

Finding a magic cure is a surefire way to get reelected in the middle of a global pandemic. The entire world is waiting for a reliable vaccine or an effective medication to treat Covid-19.

Colchicine Shows 48% Reduction in Future Cardio Issues for Heart Attack Victims

Early, in-hospital treatment with colchicine reduces the odds of future cardiovascular problems by 48% in people who have just survived a heart attack

Drug Shortages During the Time of Coronavirus

An astonishing 82% of drug shortages are listed as reason unknown. The other causes include manufacturing, discontinuation, raw materials, and supply and demand.

The Association of American Physicians & Surgeons Want Access to Hydroxychloroquine

More Evidence Presented for Why Hydroxychloroquine Should be Made Available, in a New Court Filing by the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons

On the treatment of Covid-19

Based on the available scientific evidence and current clinical experience, the SPR Collaboration recommends that physicians and authorities consider the following Covid-19 treatment protocol for the early treatment of people at high risk or high exposure

You and Your Child Were Exposed to COVID-19; Now What?

We need to talk about what to do if you’ve been in contact with someone with COVID-19 or begin to experience symptoms. Our gut instinct is to run off and get tested. But for the majority of those with viral symptoms, this is the wrong thing to do.