Is Getting COVID Shots in the Same Arm Better?

Do individuals get more protection against COVID-19 if they get their vaccinations and boosters in the same arm?

Tinder and the White House Want You to Swipe Right on the Covid-19 Vaccine

Dallas’ own Match Group announced a public health partnership with the Biden White House to help promote Covid-19 vaccination across its portfolio of dating apps

Mixing Covid Vaccines May Not Be a Great Idea, Research Shows

Research from, Oxford's Com-Cov study highlights how mixing vaccine brands during follow-up covid vaccinations increases the risk of mild to moderate side effects.

Three Ways I Drop Stress in the Omicron Era – A Doctor’s Approach

THE LAST CHAPTER OF THE COVID-19 pandemic era, many of us hoped. Now, as many of you are, I am uncertain. Stress abounds, and in...