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Covid Testing: Are Nasal Swabs Good?

Planning for an upcoming family visit, travel, or because you have symptoms, what method of testing is best?

“Self-Care” – Wisdom Discovered Among the Papers of a Beloved Parent

If the concept of self-care were broadened to include devoting my energy to attend to all my needs, wants, thoughts and feelings, the either/or dilemma might recede.

Would Having a Female Physician Be Better for Your Health?

New research points in that direction and cites female physicians are paid less, spend more time with their patients, and work longer hours.

Prevention-as-a-Service: A Business Model that Can Fix Healthcare

The ‘sick care’ model has brought us to the brink of a health crisis. For example, more than half of US adults have at least one chronic condition, and one in three suffers from multiple chronic conditions.