Mastering The Art of Tweet-Jacking During a Pandemic

The brilliant management of the covid misinformation machine

tweet-jack: (verb) — the appropriation of a tweet for the purposes of subverting and/or politicizing the content for your own agenda or purpose.

Source: Rob’s Pandemic Dictionary

Every day there’s a new angle, human baby cells used in vaccines, new world order plans for global control, mass sterilization, the list is as endless as it is crazy. Buried in between all the madness lie a few key issues that do warrant serious attention and deserve answers from the scientific community. These issues stand no chance of being taken seriously, for the simple fact they’ve been adopted and integrated into the Crazy Covid Circus of conspiracies and misinformation.

The media fuels a lot of this misdirection, focusing people’s attention on completely irrelevant topics, like, for instance, the origins of the virus. Here’s an open question to all the people dedicating their existence to figuring out whether Dracula’s cousin or an errant laboratory technician caused the outbreak. How is the pursuit of this Holy Grail remotely relevant to treating and containing the covid pandemic? Serious question.

There will be time enough after the pandemic, yes, it will pass, to analyze and evaluate evidence to isolate the coronavirus’s origins. At this point, knowing where the virus came from doesn’t affect our ability to treat it, it doesn’t help us combat the spread, and most definitely won’t make it any less dangerous. Ergo, a complete and utter waste of time, that serves only to distract from more important issues. Therefore, your pointless pursuits are condoned and even encouraged.

The conspiracy circus serves a very real purpose in the world of science, politics, and large pharma. It is tolerated and managed, with a very clear purpose. To deflect away attention from real issues and real questions that no one within the established power bases wants to be asked. By allowing and subtly encouraging the inclusion of valid scientific issues with other wild and hopelessly unsubstantiated claims, these topics become tainted.

So tainted, that no industry professional will risk raising them, for fear of being instantly adopted by the covid crazies. These groups of pandemic extremists seek nothing more than validation by scientific or medical voices, and they actively ‘help themselves to such endorsement. The favored path follows the route of social media appropriation.

There is a simple strategy they have perfected that I refer to as tweet-jacking. It plays to the strengths of algorithms designed to reward engagement and works as follows. Find a tweet by a respected member of any health-related industry, comment and agree with the statement made, and then add on your little tail. The bit about 5G towers or mass sterilization. Don’t worry about the original content or context, the link can be tenuous, that’s not what matters. Like, retweet and settle back.

Within minutes the rest of your questionable crew will descend on the unfortunate tweet, dragging it into your chop shop and stripping it of all value and any significance to the serious world of science. For example, a well-intentioned tweet questioning data from a drug trial can turn into a buzzing hornet’s nest of deceit, deception, and mind control experiments. Anyone with more than two days of experience on social media, particularly limiting platforms like Twitter, knows full well that once your tweet has been jacked, your goose is cooked.

Don’t respond and whatever you do, don’t argue. In fact, at this point, deleting the tweet is probably your best course of action, even if Eric Topol has responded to it.

Allowing the tweet-jack strategy to persist on social media platforms is the most spectacularly effective means of censoring dissenting voices with legitimate questions. Don’t stop them, actually amplify them, but make sure it the circus that gets involved. Merely asking a legitimate question in effect, immediately invalidates it. It is devious, it is clever and it is incredibly hard to navigate around. The problem now extends to almost every avenue of publication. Nowhere is out of bounds and this simply makes this isolating mechanism all the more appealing to those who wish to silence legitimate concerns.

Here then, is a newsflash for covid conspiracy theorists, for covidiots, or whatever other monikers you prefer. Big Pharma, politicians, and big business love you. You’ve rapidly become their best friend in the information wars being waged. People far brighter than you, that are paid far more money than you, and with a list of spin degrees far longer than your inflated sense of self-importance, love you. You’re being used to obfuscate real issues that no one wants to answer, and, best of all, you’re doing it for free. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

It wouldn’t surprise me if much of what you dream up actually isn’t dreamt up by you at all, but rather by corporate spin doctors, paid to ensure your machine remains well oiled with a steady flow of increasingly crazy misinformation. You’ve done a spectacular job so far, well above and beyond what anyone could have expected. You’ve managed to completely ruin any credible discussion on topics like HCQ and Ivermectin. playing right into the hands of your masters and it’s cost lives in the process.

Real issues like the harvesting of your DNA via PCR tests have passed right over your heads as you obsess about the test itself. Stupid, pointless questions centered around crazy theories. Here’s what you need to know about PCR testing and if you’re too lazy to read it, the truth is this simple. The tests exist, they work to identify genetic material from the virus itself, and while they are not perfect, they are a damn side better than anything else we can come up with.

Where your real concern should lie is what all the ‘nefarious’ government agencies (as you so fondly refer to them) are doing with your DNA or genetic material after the test. Sadly, you haven’t stopped long enough to actually think through much of anything, so right under your noses, half of America has now shared its DNA with the government. By the time the pandemic passes, very few Americans will not have their DNA profile embedded somewhere on a database.

See how it works? Obfuscation, magic, and mirrors, and it’s almost as sad as it is tragically amusing to watch. It’s like a video game. How many crazies can you load on the covid bus? You are without a doubt, the single greatest impediment to rational and questioning discourse our planet has ever encountered and you’ve cost lives, thousands of them, with your actions. The fact you’re actually working for the very people you think you’re undermining simply makes you the ironic punchline to the joke of the decade.

Take the covid vaccine. According to you, it’s everything from a radio tracker, amplified by 5G towers to a global sterilization tool grown in embryonic cells. Even in your deluded state, you must be able to acknowledge that the vaccine obviously cannot be all of these things, can it? So, if some of your crew are wrong about their suspicions, why not you? Why not possibly all of you? And yet again, your obsession with the vaccine’s content has glazed over the real issue. The question of choice and free will. A choice that is not at the expense of another person’s health or wellbeing and balances freedoms against the needs of society.

Carry on with your craziness and continue to impede or prevent serious discussion on these important issues. It’s what your bosses are paying you for. Oh right, my bad, I keep forgetting you’re actually doing it for free.


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Robert Turner, Founding Editor
Robert Turner, Founding Editor
Robert is a Founder of Medika Life. He is a published author and owner of MedKoin Healthcare Solutions. He lives between the Philippines and the UK. and is an outspoken advocate for human rights. Access to basic healthcare and eradicating racial and gender bias in medicine are key motivators behind the Medika website and reflect Robert's passion for accessible medical care globally.

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