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Phexxi; Have You Heard About This New Hormone-Free Contraceptive?

She is sick of using birth control, but now is not the right time to get pregnant. The “pull and pray” method is too...

The Role of Drugs in Combating Obesity and How These Drugs Affect Your Health

Obesity cannot be simply cured with a pill but requires a multi-faceted approach to treatment. These drugs will help you to combat obesity in conjunction

Killing The Coronavirus. A New Treatment Shows 99.9 Percent Efficacy

Enovid is a groundbreaking treatment that claims it prevents the coronavirus from invading your body. This nasal spray kills the virus in the nasal passage

What Are Statins?

Statins are medications that are used to control one’s cholesterol levels. They increase HDL and decrease LDL², the so-called good and bad cholesterol