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Opioids. Everything you need to know about America’s Most Lethal Drugs

Opioid overdoses related to illegally manufactured fentanyl (the most powerful of the opioids) represented the greatest contribution to the increasing numbers

Fact Checking Vaccine Claims With Flawed Science: True

In a society that is bombarded with misinformation from every imaginable source, both official and otherwise, where, post pandemic, can we turn for reliable,...

What You Say on TeleHealth Doesn’t Stay on Telehealth. How Patient Data is Under Threat

If you use a Telehealth platform your data is being stored and may be sold for commercial gain to the highest bidder. The safety of Patient Data is

Covid Vaccines Just Took a Major Step Toward Regaining Credibility

There will be no enforced Covid vaccinations across Europe and the US. You may not realize this, but the law prevents the enforced administration of EUA medicines