Digital Health




Stop Making Excuses. Prioritize People!

Telemedicine and EMR Interoperability – Two Patient-Centered Tech Advances – Can Help Us Overcome Fragmentation in the Health Ecosystem, but Only if We Have the Will to Make Them Work

Look Deep! Pressure and Risk in the Health Setting

The Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI) released its top 10 patient safety concerns for 2023, including alarming issues such as violence against healthcare staff,...

Revolutionizing Retinal Imaging: The Role of Artificial Intelligence

Retinal imaging is critical in the field of ophthalmology and provides a trove of information that enables physicians to visualize a disease and its...

Galen Growth Issues Special ViVE2023 US Health System Digital Health Report

Galen Growth issues a special report prepared for ViVE2023 that shifts from its usual global 30,000 feet analysis to a special meeting theme – digital health and the US health system.