Belief Is Key to Healing — But Not How You Might Think

Tips from a chronic pain recovery therapist

A lot of folks think that if you just believe enough in…

  • mind-body healing, or
  • a particular doctor or therapist’s approach, or
  • a book, or
  • an idea

…that you’ll be rewarded for your belief by magically healing.⁠

But that’s not how it works, in my opinion.⁠

Healing is about believing in yourself — your capability and your worthiness.⁠

When you believe in yourself, you don’t see flare-ups as failures — so you keep going.⁠

When you believe in yourself, you don’t give yourself ultimatums — so you respect the pace of your healing.⁠

When you believe in your capability and worthiness, your belief is unconditional — so you don’t withhold belief while waiting for “proof.”⁠

When you believe in yourself, you don’t abandon yourself — so you stick with yourself no matter what.⁠

When you believe in yourself, you don’t put pressure on yourself — so your nervous system is allowed to recover from being over-stressed.⁠

When you decide to believe in yourself, you commit to loving yourself unconditionally — and that’s the greatest healing of all.⁠

Self-love paves the way to healing, not the other way around.

With mountains of love, encouragement and belief in you,

💖 Anna


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Anna Holtzman
Anna Holtzman
Anna Holtzman is a chronic pain recovery therapist and coach based in New York City.
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