Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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Covid is Never Going to Be Over. We Need to Plan Accordingly

Is SARS-CoV-2 nothing more than aggressive Influenza, a new breed of Flu. It looks that way and it may be here to stay. We need to deal with that.

Most Babies Born to Covid-19 Moms Do Well

The new data shows that babies born to women with Covid-19 demonstrate no increase in low birth weight, difficulty breathing, apnea, or respiratory infections through the first eight weeks of life.

What Science Has To Say About “Herd Immunity”

The precise scientific term is “indirect protection” or “community immunity.” This is the protection against infection of a susceptible group of individuals

Why ‘White Coat Syndrome’ and The Pandemic Are A Double Threat

White coat syndrome, or ‘white coat hypertension’, is a phenomenon whereby patients experience elevated blood pressure when they are in the presence of a medical professional

Working in Healthcare During COVID-19? Tips for Reducing Burnout and Overwhelm

Healthcare professionals during the pandemic are in the most challenging and riskiest jobs in these times. Frontline workers provide essential services to help patients and clients remain healthy while trying to stay well themselves.