The PREGOPOWER App for expectant mothers

Healthy pregnancies are happy pregnancies. If you’re blessed with a bump right now, you’ll want to do everything in your power to ensure both you and your baby are in the best possible place, in terms of health. Welcome to PREGOPOWER, the only app you’ll need to see you and your little one safely through your pregnancy.

PREGOPOWER isn’t simply another pregnancy app, it is far more. Backed by a medical website maintained by doctors, PREGOPOWER enables you with diagnostic tools for both you and your doctor to keep an eye on your health.

PREGOPOWER offers a separate suite of tools for your Health Care Provider and you can update your doctor in real time about your health and any worrying symptoms you may be experiencing.The PREGOPOWER App, website and integration with your doctors office pus you in complete control of your pregnancy and ensure qualified medical help is always on call.

Your profile, data and your personal pregnancy care plan are available 24/7 across all your devices, for a seamless experience. PREGOPOWER gives you access to the latest medically written articles on nutrition, best practice for a healthy pregnancy, trimester by trimester plans, wellness guides and lactation guides. Listen to a podcast, watch a video or read through an ever growing body of articles on pregnancy and issues that affect you.

Interact with your Health Care Providers from the comfort of the app and allow your doctors to monitor your pregnancy remotely. It really is a 24/7 solution for mothers who want to stay informed, reduce pregnancy risks and enjoy a stress free time with baby.

PREGOPOWER offers you direct access to advice that is applicable to your unique pregnancy. No other app offers you this level of care and support. If your local practice doesn’t support PREGOPOWER, message us and well get in touch with them.

For more information, to download the PREGOPOWER App, and to explore the tools and website, click on the link below.

Medika is partnering with PREGOPOWER to make a wide range of pregnancy calculators available online. Work out due dates, conception dates, pregnancy weight and calculate a whole other rage of other useful medical information for moms to be, Watch this space.


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