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A New A.I. Based Solution to Nurse Burn-out and Turnover

What can we do to ensure that those we rely upon to care for us, are being supported in this essential, important work?

GE HealthCare and Biofourmis Collaborate to Extend Patient Monitoring Outside the Hospital with Virtual Care-at-Home Solutions

Collaboration supports the patient journey across the care continuum and eases transitions and care from the hospital to home

MITRE-Harris Poll Survey Finds Half of Patients in the US Feel Ignored or Doubted When Seeking Medical Treatment

A new survey finds 52 percent of individuals feel their symptoms are “ignored, dismissed, or not believed” when seeking medical treatment. That number rises to 6-in-10 within the Hispanic community.

ACOG Statement on the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine

ACOG issues a statement to its members on the temporary withdrawal of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine following reports of rare blood clotting condition.