Digital Salutem Welcomes Gil Bashe and Stacy Hurt as Board Members


LONDON, UK, – Digital Salutem is delighted to announce that the digital health influencers, Gil Bashe and Stacy Hurt, have joined Digital Salutem’s team as board members.

Digital Salutem is a digital health company on a mission to make Healthcare uncomplicated. They have been a part of the digital health revolution since its inception and remain determined to contribute to the ways in which Healthcare is accessed and delivered.

The new board members offered a few of their thoughts on the issues of accessible health and patient-focused care

“Innovation is only meaningful when people can apply it and address their health needs.  Digital health is the bridge that ensures people with medical and wellness priorities are part of the decision-making conversation.”

Gil Bashe, Global Health Chair, FINN Partners

Gil currently Chairs Global Health at FINN Partners. As a C-suite leader, he sees communications as the bridge to connect healers with those seeking to be healed. A digital health leader, author, and keynote speaker, Gil’s career includes emergency care delivery, public affairs, public relations, and crisis management.

“As a chronic illness patient and full-time caregiver managing numerous doctors’ appointments and tests, I am seeking any way to make my ‘healthcare life’ easier.  The key to this is technology.  Innovations in digital health can help reduce the burden of coordinating care as well as improve outcomes through meeting patients where we are.”

Stacy Hurt, MHA, MBA, Advocate / Speaker / Consultant

HIMSS Digital Influencer. Stacy is an award-winning healthcare executive turned caregiver for her intellectually and developmentally disabled son and she is a stage IV colorectal cancer survivor.  She now serves as a global patient advocate and works as a consultant and keynote speaker to represent patients as stakeholders in clinical decision making, healthcare technology user experience, and pharma/biotech drug development.

João Bocas, CEO of Digital Salutem and a recognized Keynote Speaker and Influencer in the healthcare and wearables market, expressed his delight at the news in an accompanying statement.

“We’re absolutely delighted to have Gil Bashe and Stacy Hurt join Digital Salutem as board members. Both are highly successful in their chosen sectors of healthcare, with extensive experience in the digital health arena. They will play an important role in helping us achieve our goals and mission, to meaningfully impact society, people, and humanity through the use of technology. Gil and Stacy are extremely committed to contributing to Digital Health worldwide, their contributions, endeavors, and missions aligning closely to our work and company ethos. We are looking forward to our future collaboration and making a meaningful impact on the industry ”

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