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WMCHealth Launches Post-COVID-19 Recovery Program

An increasing number of people who became ill from the coronavirus have physical, mental and emotional symptoms that linger well after an initial infection

COVID-19 Testing with 72 Hour or Less Turnaround Time

TCA/GENETWORx is building capability to perform 870,000 tests per day or 26 million per month. In order to meet demand, the company launched a massive recruiting campaign called Re Employ America

FDA Approves New Opioid, Olinvyk, for Intravenous Use in Hospitals

the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Olinvyk (oliceridine), an opioid agonist for the management of moderate to severe acute pain in adults

The 50 Most Influential Leaders in Pharmacy 2022 Awards

Today the Pharmacy Podcast Network announces the winners of the 50 Most Influential Leaders in Pharmacy 2023 Awards.